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New qomenius Insight dates

With qomenius Insight, everybody can now experience the qomenius approach to learning, by participating in a full, 90-minute learning session, as part of a group of 4 to 6 participants.

Check out the forthcoming qomenius Insight events, and register on Eventbrite:

Basic information

These online events are open to all who are interested. You can register alone. Or you can ask colleagues, acquaintances, and team members to take part as well.

Each qomenius Insight event takes 2,5 hours, or 150 minutes. Make sure you arrange enough time to be there from start to finish!

The fee for participating in qomenius Insight is EUR 25.00. Due to current events, we are donating the income from the participation fees to the work of the UN Refugee Agency in connection with Ukraine. The UN Refugee Agency not only supports people who leave Ukraine because of the war, but also people who have to flee from war regions within Ukraine.

The setting

The core of qomenius Insight is a complete, 90-minute qomenius learning session in a small group of four, five or six people. You experience a qomenius learning session without compromise: Be prepared for intensive, stimulating and varied discourse with other participants!

We created a special content module for the qomenius Insight format: It is entitled Agility boosters. The main focus of the module is the agility of people, teams and organizations. We promise you: These 90 minutes will be highly entertaining - but also highly instructive for your personal work context. No matter what your current work context looks like! Be prepared to be surprised.

In a debriefing discussion after the 90 minutes, you will have the opportunity to exchange your ideas and views about the session with us and the other participants. You will also learn a little more about the use of the qomenius approach for learning & development in real-world work contexts.


Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues, peers or friends who might also be interested in qomenius!

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