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For teams that have been working together for some time and in which team members would describe themselves as being "acclimatized" among themselves. The Nano cycle "Get Better as a Team" is designed to improve joint effectiveness, allowing for more "flow" and greater impact of the work done.


This qomenius Nano cycle consists of a total of four 90-minute sessions.


The individual sessions of ”Get Better as a Team“

  1. Team roles and collaboration
  2. Effectiveness, not activism
  3. Agreements & commitments
  4. Leading with questions


The topics at a glance: Roles in life/roles in the team, team check, role settings and needs, long-term relationships and changing relationships, problem versus symptom, avoiding activism, mistakes versus errors, tracking down time wasters, agreements in the team, team rules, team principles, organizing commitment, systemic questions, techniques of asking that clarify and help overcome barriers

Nano: Get Better as a Team

Artikelnummer: EN-N-002
1.400,00 € Standardpreis
990,00 €Sale-Preis
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  • All qomenius Nano modules have in common that the contents get directly related to the team's reality and to its specific work context – throughout the whole conversation and by the team itself. Participants reflect, discuss and practice in the light their own work situation. The contents do not remain abstract, they become easily understandable, vivid, directly usable and immediately relevant.

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