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For teams that want to deal more confidently and more constructively with disputes and conflicts in their collaboration - and for teams that know they themselves can do something about it. The Nano cycle "Solving Team Conflict" serves to better understand conflicts and their origins, to develop insights and options for action - and finally to deal constructively with these options for action.


This qomenius Nano cycle consists of a total of four 90-minute sessions.


The individual sessions of ”Solving Team Conflict“

  1. Conflict to measure
  2. Communicating in conflict
  3. Understanding personality – resolving conflicts
  4. Roles and conflicts in collaboration


Topics at a glance: How we deal with conflict, giving in or competing, stress testing, avoiding conflict escalation, team check, working together when things get stuck, understanding critical roles, personality patterns in conflict, understanding individual conflict triggers, equal or opposite, diversity and misunderstanding, communication and needs, communicative stress, improving language awareness, listening differently

Nano: Solving Team Conflict

Artikelnummer: EN-N-007
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990,00 €Sale-Preis
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  • All qomenius Nano modules have in common that the contents get directly related to the team's reality and to its specific work context – throughout the whole conversation and by the team itself. Participants reflect, discuss and practice in the light their own work situation. The contents do not remain abstract, they become easily understandable, vivid, directly usable and immediately relevant.

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