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For teams that find themselves in a change situation or that will soon find themselves in one. The Nano cycle "Team in Change" serves to better understand changes personally and collectively and to be able to deal with them constructively. Regardless whether this change is happening on the team level or within the larger change context of the business or the organization.


This qomenius Nano cycle consists of a total of four 90-minute sessions.


The individual sessions of ”Team in Change“

  1. When change is really needed
  2. Old team roles, new team roles
  3. Communicative needs in change
  4. Leading with questions


The topics at a glance: Change beliefs, two sides of change, transition according to Bridges, successful influencing, team in change: clarifying positions, roles today/roles tomorrow, shifts in collaboration, communication in dynamic times, introverted and extraverted communication needs, finding common language, avoiding misunderstandings, techniques of asking in change, new solutions through new types of questions

Nano: Team in Change

Artikelnummer: EN-N-005
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990,00 €Sale-Preis
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  • All qomenius Nano modules have in common that the contents get directly related to the team's reality and to its specific work context – throughout the whole conversation and by the team itself. Participants reflect, discuss and practice in the light their own work situation. The contents do not remain abstract, they become easily understandable, vivid, directly usable and immediately relevant.

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