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For teams that work together in specific projects or that are about to work together in a project. The Nano cycle "The Project Team" serves to improve teamwork in the specific project, to advance helpful clarifications and to address immediate and relevant needs of the project team’s members.


This qomenius Nano cycle consists of a total of four 90-minute sessions.


The individual sessions of ”The Project Team“

  1. Team identity and project task
  2. Team roles and collaboration in the project
  3. Communicative needs and language
  4. Agreements & commitments in project work


The topics at a glance: Project mission and expectations, project stakeholders, complicated-complex portions of a project, project team check, designing project roles, closeness and distance in project work, communication needs and patterns, communication focusing on project work, developing language, rules, principles and agreements for the project, ensuring commitment

Nano: The Project Team

Artikelnummer: EN-N-004
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990,00 €Sale-Preis
exkl. MwSt.
  • All qomenius Nano modules have in common that the contents get directly related to the team's reality and to its specific work context – throughout the whole conversation and by the team itself. Participants reflect, discuss and practice in the light their own work situation. The contents do not remain abstract, they become easily understandable, vivid, directly usable and immediately relevant.

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