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Taster30: Some things you just have to experience for yourself.
It's super-simple now to try the qomenius approach to learning

Experience a shortened qomenius learning session within a group of three to five people! Free of charge. Get acquainted with the qomenius approach to discourse learning. For our Taster30s, we developed two extra-special learning modules of just 30 minutes length, called  Agility and Flexibility and 
Communication and Collaboration. You can set up and administer your free Taster30 session all by yourself.


Our Taster30 sessions are usually open to anyone who is interested in joining and taking part. You just have to book one though our shop and register as an individual. Or you can pass on the invitation and ask colleagues, peers, team members to join a session with you.


A Taster30 allows you to try the qomenius approach to didactics, and get a feeling for session dynamics, as well as for the style in which qomenius sessions structure content.

We offer Taster30s in several languages.
All registrations for qomenius Taster30s are made through our web shop. No hassle. No strings attached. Book one now.

Experience learning with qomenius –
try a free Taster30 session now!

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