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Some things you just have to try for yourself

Experience a complete qomenius learning session within a group of four to six people! For you to get acquainted with the qomenius way of discourse learning, we came up with an extra special learning module called Agility Boosters.

qomenius Insight sessions are usually open to anyone who is interested in joining and taking part. You can register as an individual. Or you can pass on the invitation and ask colleagues, peers, team members to join a session with you.


Each Insight event takes 2.5 hours, or 150 minutes.
What's important: Please make sure you make enough time available to be there from start to finish!

We offer Insight sessions in multiple languages. All registrations for qomenius Insight sessions are made via Eventbrite. Access the calendar of qomenius Insights events through the button below!

Experience learning with qomenius,
check out our event agenda on Eventbrite.

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