qomenius is a unique, cloud-based platform for growth, learning & development. Usable for all people in organizations and in the education sector. Easily scalable. With qomenius you can unleash the development of people, teams and your entire organization - incredibly fast.

It's the renaissance of workplace learning.





Do you want to use qomenius right away? Our ready-to-use solution ninety allows you to get started within just a few days!


The qomenius application combines smart online technology and innovative learning method ("didactics"): The didactics are built into the technology, one might say. This synthesis of tech and learning method is the perfect combination for small group and peer learning that not just works, but that  is also fun and scales effortlessly. With qomenius, dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people can easily learn participate in the discourse learning, just around at the same time. Without the need for much administrative support. This way, qomenius effortlessly promotes organizational change, growth, robustness and agility.

Allows people in remote and distributed teams to keep having unifying learning experiences

A flexible system that scales naturally! Works with 5 groups or with 5.000 - all at
the same time!

Promotes awareness, critical thinking and agile collaboration



All that you need: Small groups of learners, equipped with computers that have cameras and microphones
C'est ça.

No additional setup required. The qomenius application works in combination with the usual video conferencing platforms - Zoom, Webex, Teams, Google Hangouts. You can access qomenius via a link. Using it is child's play!


With qomenius you can be sure that your learning time and your financial resources are well spent.

  • Every conversation in qomenius is directly relevant for the individual learning progress and for your organization - starting with the very first minute.

  • Content can be flexibly designed. Alternatively, you can use the predefined modules available within our ready-to-use solution ninety!

  • Low administration effort. No travel expenses. No time spent on traveling.

  • Consistent, uniform quality of the learning experience: qomenius largely dispenses with trainers and facilitators.

Discourse and networked learning offer far more opportunities than solutions focused on the individual ‘learner‘. Most workers don't achieve their objectives alone. We rely on teams (and teams of teams) for the success of our organizations. The barrier between learning and performance is exacerbated by the almost universal focus in individual learning, individual skills, and the assumption that learning is a separate intentional activity when we know that most learning is the product of working.


Charles Jennings, 70:20:10 Institute

OF OUR PLATFORM a homage to the philosopher, educator, educational reformer and great European John Amos Comenius.

Comenius (1592-1670) was a contemporary of Rembrandt, Kepler and Galileo and at the same time a passionate practitioner and pioneer of modern education. Comenius pioneered the principle that learning must always take place in the total absence of coercion. He was perhaps the first to think of learning from the learner's point of view.

His demand for a basic general education that encompasses the essentials for everyone, for equal opportunities in terms of educational policy and for an education geared towards freedom. are still valid today.

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